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SS BW panzer tunic Hauptsharfurher circa 1943/44

This high ranking NCO rank panzer tunic shows all the traits of a mid war panzer tunic ,material quality is still good , though the manufacturing largely changed to the black rayon type lining it has a later war Bevo runes collar patch an Ss hauptsharfurher marching rank patch of 2 pips and one braid ,black pink cord type shoulder straps with NCO tress and 2 pips ,the tunic has a Bevo type arm eagle with the stretching to the Eagles lower part coming undone, no evidence of a cuff title to the same sleeve ,the tunic shows no damage or moth with its Waffen ss pattern tunic with single piece back construction ,there's loops to the left breast for 4 combat awards along with a ribbon bar possibly a close combat clasp ,iron cross 2 plus eastern front ribbons to button hole,'Ss BW' stamp present though a little faint along with size stamps on the black rayon lining ,Bakelite button throughout complete the tunic ,very nice

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Waffen Ss pattern panzer tunic Hauptsharfurher rank

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Ss obergruppenfurher Siegfried Taubert generals visor cap Burgfurher Wewelsburg castle

This named along with his SS number under the sweat band belonging to Ss Obergruppenfurher Siegfried Taubert who was Burgfurher of Himmlers Wewelsburg castle for the duration of the war this typical ribbed tricot piece is in fine condition with one small nip to the caps top otherwise in perfect condition with its silver generals piping ,grey lining with gold maker mark ,vulkan fibre visor with hatched tan reverse ,no sweat shield ,this looks to been removed during the war for a more comfortable fit as little trace of it is visible ,this cap has '800' sliver stamped eagle and totenkopf which is very rarely encountered, I has not ever removed the insignia to see if there's makers marks to the reverse but both are high quality but do show different colouring as in patina so possibly different makers but both silver stamped,perfect thick velvet cap band ,high quality silver cap cords,perfect un damaged visor, a beautiful cap of high quality typical of wartime generals rank,named to Wewelsburg comomdant,

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M40 panzer officers forage cap

This heavily worn m40 ,silver piping to the top edge along with its rarely encountered silver bullion Waffen ss pattern small eagle with large style bullion totenkopf to the front ,the skull showing wear to the highlights ,but doesn't detract from this high quality piece, sweat stained interior shows lots of use is in a brown cotton ,no size or maker marks present.the cap has a number of moth nips mainly to the rear but still a very nice been there forage cap

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Junker 4 th grade '75' tank assault badge

This extremely rare junker type '75' tank assault badge,all high numbered tank assault badges are rare but the unmarked Junker type is the rarest of all ,lighter smaller than the 'JFS' type is more easily worn ,being of semi hollow construction with a thin pin,the Junker version shows is method of attaching the tank to the wreath by riveting through the tank an wreath as is the '75' cartouche,this award is in fine condition with most of its gilt was remaining though a little dulled with age, the silver tank high in definition is in fine condition

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Gold grade tank destruction bage

An army Waffen ss gold grade tank destruction bar for the right arm for the single handed destruction of 5 enemy tanks complete with its backing material ,gilt metal tank on gold material with black borders top and bottom rare and nice

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Waffen ss officers visor cap

This extremely nice Late war gaberdine white piped visor cap displaying a nice 'broken' front line crush to the the caps front ,junior officers and nco's both liked caps showing this veteran look , this cap has the vulkan fibre visor with tan hatched reverse ,officer bullion chin cords and its original zinc ,silver washed totenkopf and m36 eagle both completely original and don't look like they've ever been removed from the cap ,showing some wear to there silver wash, velvet cap band, tan lining with August Muller Munich makers mark to the sweat shield,over all this cap is in fine original condition and appearance with only one chip to the edge of the visor peak being the only damage a fine cap

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M 34 pattern ss vt /tv forage cap

A nice condition not showing wear or damage apart from a couple of moth bites but they don't detract,this old model m34 forage cap,'1939 ' dated maker stamp along with its '58' size stamp ,brown cotton type lining along with its painted 'totenkopf' button rzm m 5/8 stamped,with light wear to the high lights, to the left side it still displays its Waffen ss style eagle in its black triangle, a nice condition field grey cap

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Ausf A.G.M.u.K silver close combat clasp

A very nice along with a lot of finish complete and well marked silver close combat clasp ,coke bottle tapering pin,a nice award with high definition

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Waffen ss m 42 ( m36 tailoring) police ss obersharfurher tunic

A Waffen ss m 42 combat tunic for an ss obersharfurher attached to the field police ,this tunic has had custom tailor work by using a m 42 tunic then the owner has had it shortened( evidence with the bandage pocket being shortened) ,along with added pleats to all pockets along with expected m42 pointed flaps,then having a m 36 style green collar complete with NCO tress.the owner has used a rare pattern runes collar patch with corresponding 2 pip obersharfurher rank patch ,field police piped with NCO tress and a single pip to each,slightly different to the collar tress in colour ,iron cross 2 ribbon to button hole ,6 button front,the tunic has the typical rayon type lining which shows 'SS BW' manufacturing along with size stamps,the tunic still has its belt hooks in place,to the left arm there's a mid war rzm pattern arm eagle,along with evidence of a removed 'Bevo ' pattern cuff title to the lower sleeve,there are loops for numerous combat awards along with loops for either a long ribbon bar or a close combat clasp,M 36 styled tunics for nco's are rare and this is a very nice example

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